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Welcome to the OpenVPN-NL repositories

OpenVPN-NL is a specially crafted version of OpenVPN for use by the Dutch government. OpenVPN is Open Source software that allows computers or networks to be connected in a secure way. OpenVPN-NL was built according to the guidelines set by the Dutch government's national communications security agency (NBV, also known as the NLNCSA).

This site describes the ways in which OpenVPN can be used, what can be expected from the OpenVPN-NL program, and provides links to the compiled software. Note that although this site provides some background information, the deployment advisory ("inzetadvies") contains the complete set of advisories, and should always be consulted before deploying OpenVPN in a production environment.

Announcements about OpenVPN-NL will be done on the mailing list. The mailing list archives contain any previous messages.

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