A hardened version of OpenVPN that includes as many of the security measures required to operate in a classified environment as possible.

OpenVPN for the Dutch Government

OpenVPN-NL was built according to the guidelines set by the Dutch government's national communications security agency (NBV, also known as the NLNCSA). This includes both hardening patches and improvements in documentation to ease evaluation.

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How to use OpenVPN-NL

OpenVPN-NL can build a virtual private network (VPN) on top of an untrusted network such as the internet. The OpenVPN-NL software packages contain both the client and the server. The information sent between the client and the server is protected in a way that meets the NBV evaluation criteria. The deployment advisory provides additional pointers for OpenVPN-NL deployments.

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Current release

OpenVPN-NL 2.5.10-nl1

When a new release of OpenVPN-NL is available, this will always be announced through the OpenVPN-NL mailing list.

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Get OpenVPN-NL

OpenVPN-NL is available as packages for the following platforms:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu LTS
  • Microsoft Windows
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