How to use OpenVPN-NL


How to use OpenVPN-NL

OpenVPN-NL is a software package with which one can build a virtual private network (VPN) on top of another untrusted network such as the internet. The package contains both the client and the server. The information sent between the client and the server is encrypted in a way that meets the evaluation criteria. The software does not protect the endpoints of the encrypted connection other than shielding the virtual network traffic.

OpenVPN-NL can be used to extend a trusted network to remote locations. OpenVPN-NL should never be used as a way to disclose classified information to a computer which is also directly connected to an untrusted network as the trusted and untrusted network traffic may never blend. Thus, a computer which offers the possibility to (e.g.) surf the web, cannot simultaneously safely disclose sensitive information from a trusted private network.

Typical use cases

Deployment advisory

OpenVPN-NL is not a silver bullet which solves all your security problems. Security of your infrastructure depends on the architecture of your network, the way OpenVPN-NL is deployed, and the hardening of the system on top of which OpenVPN-NL runs. The deployment advisory ("inzetadvies") explains and gives pointers to necessary hardening actions, which every system administrator must undertake.

System administrators who wish to use OpenVPN-NL are advised to: